About Our Company:

Bel Brands USA

Brands that make you smile.

The driving force behind our brands is their power to surprise, delight and satisfy. Whether you are unwrapping one of our creamy snack cheeses from The Laughing Cow, biting in to the extraordinarily crumbly goodness of Boursin, or dipping into one of our 100% Wisconsin cheddar spreads, Bel Brands cheeses are sure to make you smile!

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A Wisconsin favorite since 1918 is now America's #1 spreadable cheese.

Made with 100% Real Wisconsin Cheddar, now more spreadable than ever.

Easy to spread and impossible to resist, its 7 great flavors are made for dipping.

Send your family off with the goodness of these real-cheese sandwich spreads.

Worldwide favorites, these wholesome treats deliver creamy, delightful flavor.

This creamy, crumbly gourmet cheese adds exquisite taste to any party.

Our parent company provides fine cheeses in 120 countries around the globe.